VIMCDCi Annual Medical Mission 2023

Vicente-Isabel Successfully Conducted its Second Annual Medical Mission in Bicol, Camarines Norte And the inaugural Launch of “ENTENG KALUSUGAN”.

Vicente-Isabel Multispecialty Clinic and Diagnostic Center Inc. (VIMCDCI) successfully completed our second ANNUAL MEDICAL MISSION held in Brgy. Dalnac, Paracale Cams Norte, last July 12, 2023. . AND officially launched “ENTENG KALUSUGAN” the Medical Outreach Arm of Vicente-Isabel. The initiative was unveiled by VIMCDCI’s Corporate Secretary, Mr. Edwin Pestaño, together with Vicente and Isabel’s eldest daughter, Ms. Erlinda “Linda” Villacruz, who shared a heart-warming background of her beloved parents. “Enteng Kalusugan” aims to extend the company’s healthcare services beyond its clinic walls and into the communities it serves.

With a strong commitment to providing quality healthcare services to underserved communities, the company provided highly skilled healthcare professionals from VIMCDCI, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, who dedicated their time and expertise to providing comprehensive medical care to the residents of Barangay Dalnac as a selected beneficiary for this year’s Annual Medical Mission.

The attendees were presented with a wide array of medical services, ensuring their healthcare needs were met comprehensively. Among the FREE services offered were laboratory tests, Chest X-rays, General and OBGYN Ultrasound services, and ECG and 2D ECHO services. In addition to the diagnostic services, attendees had the opportunity to engage in consultations with medical experts, who provided valuable insights and guidance on various health concerns. Furthermore, FREE TULI PROGRAM was also implemented paving the ManHood Pass for the brave young bachelors of the community. Another highlight of the event was the VIMCDCI’s original Community Mission: THE LICE ALIS Project. This initiative IS specifically designed for youth, aims to address the issue of lice infestation among this demographic. By offering specialized treatments and education on prevention, VIMCDCI aims to improve the overall well-being and hygiene of young individuals.

EVERYONE got to enjoy the free steamy Lugaw (Porridge) made by Brgy. Dalnac Volunteers TO warm OUR stomachs during rainy events. Moreover, the event would not be exciting without the Ukay-Ukay Project. Were Most of the thrift clothes were donated by the employees from different branches of VIMCDCI and from Donations by our supportive Sponsors and Donors. Capping the day was the Free Sorbetes for everyone, Cooling down the warm response and reception of the community.

Nonetheless, the highly anticipated annual medical mission, held this year, has surpassed all expectations, beyond grateful for the invaluable support and sponsorship from esteemed companies and individuals, including Louise Ellis Diagnostic Supplies and Seamon Trading.

Finally, the company is delighted to express its deepest appreciation for the exceptional service and enthusiasm received from Barangay Dalnac’s Captain, deputy in charge, and dedicated Volunteers. Indeed, their unwavering commitment and generosity from them have been instrumental in making the outreach’s achievement possible.

Truly, VIMCDCI embarked on this noble initiative for the second consecutive year. Enteng Kalusugan will continuously aim to be ONE with the objective to address the healthcare needs of the local population, ensuring access to essential medical services and promoting overall well-being by extending its expertise beyond the confines of its clinic.

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